Water Heater & Hot Water

Is your hot water too hot, or worse is it too cold?

If it's too hot, DO NOT turn down the temperature of your water heater.

If it's too cold, turning up your water heater too much can cause burns.

The water “stored” in your water heater needs to be a certain temperature in order to kill off bacteria, micro organisms and to protect your health.

If safety is a concern for you or loved ones, once the water heater is adjusted to the correct temperature, the proper way to reduce water temperature is to properly mix fresh cold water into the hot supply by means of a mixing valve.

Temperature adjustments can be done by installing a mixing valve after the hot water heating supply outlet, or isolated specifically to any desired fixture or fixtures.

A mixing valve can safely reduce water temperature to your exact temperature needs without compromising water quality.

It's a common misconception that energy can be saved by turning down your water heater. A water heater still has to maintain certain temperatures to safely be ready for use.

A licensed plumber can accurately check your water heater temperature and adjust your water heater correctly. By doing this you will significantly increase the useful life of your water heater keeping you safe and healthy at the same time.
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